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Welcome to Florida Designer Puppies. We are a breeder of small Designer Hybrid puppies such as Maltese mix puppies, Bichon mix puppies, Poodle mix puppies, Yorkie mix puppies, Lhasa Apso mix puppies and Shih Tzu puppies mix since 2002 producing the most heartwarming puppies for people to love as a member of their own family. Florida Designer Puppies mix breed puppies are derived from champion-lined top quality AKC registered dogs to produce puppies that are healthy, intelligent, with an irresistible cuteness factor. All our puppies are the sweetest, smartest, healthiest, lap-size Hybrid Designer mixed-breed puppies you can find!

We have chosen our adults for their breed specific traits as well as health genetic strengths. Florida Designer mixed-breed puppies are small, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic and child-friendly puppies.

We invite you to browse our Available Puppies page for a listing of all our current puppies. Each puppy will be photographed and marked with their identifying name. If you should have any questions about a puppy or would like information about our upcoming puppies, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.



Author-Louise Webster

Bless this frisky puppy who is into everything his playful fresh behavior is like a day in spring,

Remind me to be patient when he chewed another book or races through the living room with a newly laundered sock,

He loves without condition, gives me kisses every day, greets me with a wagging tail after I have been away,

Like any other baby, he needs a lot of rest, when he falls asleep curled next to me I know that I am blessed.

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