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Toxic Plants

Here are some of the toxic plants you should keep away from your pets. If you suspect that your dog might have eaten any plant that might be toxic, contact his/her vet immediately. Many common house and garden plants can be toxic to animals if swallowed. The symptoms can be diarrhea, nausea, or skin allergies.Oleander This list is limited an [...]

Backyard Dangers!

Backyard Dangers
Have you considered that your dog’s life may be in danger just from him hanging out in your backyard? Regardless if the area is fenced in and seemingly safe from danger, you would be surprised at what may be hiding, ready to hurt or even kill your lovable canine companion. Your backyard may be a dog’s paradise, but the area can be fraught wi [...]

How To Read Barcodes

HOW TO READ BAR CODES… (everyone must know) 
 ALWAYS READ THE LABELS ON THE FOODS YOU BUY–NO MATTER WHAT THE FRONT OF THE BOX OR PACKAGE SAYS, TURN IT OVER AND READ THE BACK CAREFULLY! With all the food and pet products now coming from China, it is best to make sure you read label at the supermarket and especially when buying food products. [...]

Create A Pet Poison First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit
If you own a pet, make sure you have a first aid kit at home. We recommend the following items be kept on hand in case of various emergencies: Pet First Aid Kit First aid kit contents: Hydrogen peroxide 3% (within the expiration date) An oral dosing syringe or turkey baster (for administering hydrogen peroxide) Teaspoon/tablespoo [...]

Puppy Biting

Puppy Biting
Stop Puppy From Biting – Part 1 Stop Puppy From Biting – Part 2 Stop Puppy From Biting – Part 3 Stop Puppy From Biting – Part 4 Stop Puppy From Biting – Part 5 STOP PUPPY FROM BITING – PART 1 By Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin This is the first in a series of posts with tips on how to stop your puppy from b [...]

How To Be Calm And Assertive

by Cesar Millan Dogs use constant energy to communicate. Energy is what I call beingness; it is who and what you are in every moment. Dogs don’t know each other by name, but by the energy they project and the activities they share. They know humans in the same way. As humans, we too are communicating with energy – whether we realize it or n [...]

Dog Food Recall

Pet Food
Part of your responsibility as a pet parent is to help protect your pet from potentially harmful products. While it is nearly impossible to ensure that your pet will never come in contact with recalled pet food or treats, you can reduce your pet’s risk. Pet Food You can start even before you feed your pet. You may think of your dogs or cats [...]

Puppy Care

Caring For Your Puppy
Caring For Your Puppy Once you have made the decision to bring a new puppy into your life, contact your vet to schedule an appointment within two business days for a well-puppy checkup. This is mandatory for your Health Guarantee. Initial vaccinations will not guarantee that your puppy will be immune, but the entire series of vaccinations mu [...]