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January Is “Keeping Your Pet Warm” Mo...

Bichon Frise In Snow
Cold Weather Safety for Your Dog Be Safe and Warm for Winter By Jenna Stregowski, RVT Bichon Frise In SnowJanuary is “Keeping Your Pet Warm” Month. If you live in a region where the winters are cold, then you probably have a yearly routine to prepare yourself for the season change. You might change out your wardrobe, get your car ready for w [...]

February is “Pet Dental Hygiene” Mont...

Pet Dental Month
Pet Dental MonthThere is a lot to smile about in February with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and only a smooch away. It is only fitting that while your pet pucker up for their Valentine that we celebrate February National Pet Dental Month (coincidence, we think not). So, let’s see those smiles! Proper oral dental health is not only i [...]

March Is “Pet Poison Prevention” Mont...

WHAT FOODS ARE TOXIC TO DOGS? PoisonWhile you love your dear dog and want him to have the healthiest of diets, it’s important to know which foods to consume and which must be avoided at all costs. In fact, there are specific foods which are toxic to dogs. Whether its grapes or cabbage or extensive table scraps or bread dough be aware of the l [...]

April Is “Pet First Aid” Month

Pet First Aid
When your pet has an emergency, being prepared is very important. Before an emergency strikes, be sure you know how your veterinarian handles emergencies or where you should go if you have one. For example, some veterinarians always have someone on call, while others use special emergency hospitals for things that arise after hours. You can a [...]

May is “Canine Allergy Awarenes...

Dogs and cats suffer from many problems that affect their skin. It is important to understand that the skin is an organ, just as the liver and kidneys are organs. The skin functions as a barrier to protect the body from infection, caustic substances, ultra violet light and dehydration. Good health and proper function of the skin is dependent [...]

June is “National Disaster Prep...

Would you be prepared if a tornado swept through your community tomorrow? What would you do if you experienced a flood as catastrophic as the one in Memphis? Could you keep your family and pets safe if you experienced a quake like the one in Japan? With today’s prevalence of natural disasters and the tragedy that comes with, we must be able t [...]

November Is “Thanksgiving Safet...

Thanksgiving safety tips for pet owners
There’s enough for people to worry about at Thanksgiving. “Oh no, not Aunt Edna’s greasy gravy.” “My brother’s bragging is going to drive me to drink.” “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” But we can’t just think of ourselves over this food-focused holiday: We have to look after our best friends, too.Bichon FriseDogs enjoy the revelry at [...]